Internship Experience

Agoda Intern Class of 2017


The hardest thing about the internship is probably first deciding which team to join. While most students tend to follow their majors, Muhammad Athar, a former UX Prototyping Intern who now works as a Design Technologist at Agoda, advises not to limit the choices to the current core skills. “I majored in Information Technology, and I had zero UX design skills and zero prototyping skills when I applied for the internship. But I got the opportunity because I was open to explore and eventually proved that I could learn quickly. You’ll be surprised to see how your skills build up on one another as you learn new things.”

“With everything changing so fast, now is time when learnability matters. Here, learning is encouraged and supported, whether it’s learning from your colleagues or through your own work — Agoda is almost like an university,” shares Muhammad.


Muhammad Athar, Design Technologist at Agoda

Muhammad Athar has graduated from Stamford University and rejoined Agoda as a Design Technologist, leveraging his previous Agoda internship experience.